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Drinks At Jane

When you order a drink at Jane, you’re going to have a hard time finding something that isn’t house made.
Roasting coffee. Blending teas. Brewing chai. Creating new juices. Developing original drinks. We do all of this in-house.


At the heart of Jane, there is great coffee.

Since we opened, our mission has been to serve the community high-quality coffee in a friendly, approachable manner.

We have always preferred our coffee on the darker side. Our coffee reflects those tastes. We roast all of our beans to a medium-dark roast, just dark enough to bring out rich chocolate flavors while still maintaining sweetness.

From a quality perspective, roasting has allowed us to source the best beans, roast them to our ideal profile, and ensure they are being brewed to their potential. On top of that, our baristas get to interact with the coffee in a unique way. Watching it change through multiple stages gives them a view of the larger picture. This knowledge remains with them as they prepare every drink.

Herbal Tisane

We custom blend all our teas with an eye towards medicinal brews with outstanding flavor and quality. All teas are also available to purchase in store or online if you want to brew at home.

Jane's Green Smoothie

Organic dino kale, spinach, green apple and cucumber blended together with lemon juice, a drop of agave and ice. Retains all the fiber from the veggies and fruit!

Smoothie — $9

+ Add Banana — $1

+ Add Ginger — $0.5

+ Add Jane's Supergreen Boost — $1

chlorella, spirulina, moringa